At Kuishi na Kuishi, we believe that Africa can feed itself and the world "Chakula Cha Dunia", at the same time enabling people across the continent to live a better life. 

This is our initial vision, to achieve it we will start by creating a farm, that will be the epitome of sustainability.

We are an Agri Startup

Our Farm will comprise of organic crops, an animal feed processing plant, some free roaming pigs in a breeding unit, some more free roaming pigs, a meat processing facility, a retail outlet and restaurant serving locally sourced food.

On our farm we believe in creating opportunities for all, we will have an apprentice and graduate scheme, and at the end of the scheme we aim to help our cohorts create their own farms and businesses

Why Pork initially?

We want to create a sustainable micro economic system, to do this we know we need to bring in foreign revenue. We believe there is an opportunity in international markets to sell pork produce at rate that would enable us to support local producers in Tanzania, the aim being to eventually enable local producers to sell their produce directly to other markets and further enriching communities.

We hope the results of this are easy to replicate then others can join us in bringing a new market to the world.

Here at KUISHI NA KUISHI we love sustainability.

We are going to great lengths to create a self sustaining system. Whether its running on solar energy or making sure we take all the bio waste including our own and recycle it in the form of bio gas and natural fertiliser. 

We want to become an example of what can be done, so if you have any suggestions to help us improve further please email us.