Meet our small holder farmer, she has 2.5 hectors on average roughly 2.5 rugby fields.

She works hard and yet does not yield 40% of what her land is capable of producing

What she does manage to yield varies in quality and size.

How can we address the need to deliver quantity, quality and consistency? How can we enrich her life?

Photo credit: Capture World Photography

At KUISHI NA KUISHI we aim to gather all the data from the farm we create, we will experiment and improve our processes recording every step. 

We will then share this information freely using a network of coaches and a smart app with machine learning built in to ensure that whole communities can benefit from low cost farming techniques that will increase yield and ultimately enriching lives

This is not a new concept, we just feel more needs to be done.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 233 million people in sub-Saharan Africa were hungry/undernourished in 2014-6 (its most recent estimate)

What are the main causes of hunger?

In general, the principal causes of hunger include poverty, conflict, environmental factors such as drought and climate change, low agricultural productivity, malnutrition and disease, and population growth (WHES 2015).

What if Africa could feed the world?

We believe with this platform Africa could not only sustain itself but feed the world